Casting around for Prince Philip

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David Bradley. A royal role awaits?
David Bradley. A royal role awaits? Photograph: Maarten de Boer/Getty Images

Why should post-pubertal teenagers be called “children” (Letters, 15 August)? It’s an outdated and meaningless legalism. Protect adolescents by all means, but don’t infantilise them.
Chris Hughes

The Rail Delivery Group says 98p in the pound was put back into running the railway (Report, 14 August). If they were nationalised it would be 100p in the pound.
Gareth Hopcyn

Like Jane Hoy (Letters, 15 August), I was utterly exasperated by Gaby Hinsliff’s melodramatic bleating about the “pulverising loss” of youthful looks. At 72 I have hardly any regrets about the passing years, and I wear my long, wavy silver hair with pleasure – not “courage”, as Hinsliff suggests. Age can indeed be liberating, but certainly not for the reasons Hinsliff suggests.
Brigid Purcell

Given that practitioners of FGM can be jailed, how come circumcision (‘I just don’t think it’s very funny’, G2, 13 August) is seen as a comedic topic?
Roger Dobson
Tavistock, Devon

Stuart Jeffries (Journal, 15 August) misses a key way to outwit facial recognition technology. While not available to all, a beard will perplex Big Brother every time.
Keith Flett

Now that Charles Dance has ruled himself out by playing Lord Mountbatten in series three of The Crown (She who wears the crown, 13 August), there remains only one contender for the role of Prince Philip in series four – David Bradley.
Dave Headey
Faringdon, Oxfordshire

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